Oh Cupcake! How I "Heart" Thee!

Let me count the ways!

C...    is for the comfort and smile you bring with every bite
U...   is for the undeniable ability to fit every occasion
P...    is for the passion I put into crafting every one of you
C...    is for the crumbs I dare not leave behind
A...   is for all the friends I have made because of you
K...   is for being so kind to my waist line... such a perfect-sized treat
E...   is for the everlasting need to be a part of all the happiest moments of
            my life!


Okay... Who doesn't love cupcakes??

I mean, seriously!... Who??

Making cupcakes has always been a simple pleasure for me.
Just a sweet token to bring to any gathering to show my friends they deserve to smile.

I Heart You Cupcake!

I Heart Cupcakes

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